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Tuesday, 25th January 2005

A Plan for Spam Folders. Some people actually buy stuff from spam filtered to their spam folders. # 10:56 pm

Tags != folksonomies && Tags != Flat name spaces. Clay Shirky’s latest thoughts on tags. # 10:54 pm

Burns supper. Happy Burns night! # 9:24 pm

Where was desktop search when we needed it? Did you know Win XP and 2000 have a half-decent full text indexer built in? # 4:11 pm

BBC Radio mp3 takes off. It seems the podcasting trial has been going pretty well. # 11:23 am

BBC re-launches internet radio—everything in one place (via) Listen Again is fantastically useful. # 11:22 am

Google Video Search: firefox. Recent mentions of Firefox on American TV. # 9:52 am

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