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Saturday, 8th January 2005

Fixing MSDN with Greasemonkey

Site specific browser customisations have been a a recurring theme on this site over the past six months. Thanks to the ever inventive Aaron Boodman that problem is pretty much solved. Greasemonkey is a plugin for Firefox that lets you create user site customisation scripts (.script.js), easily install them in Firefox and then set which sites they should be run on. Michael Moncur has a handy tutorial on getting started.

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Greasemonkey: Hacking the Web with JavaScript. Greasemonkey rocks! Here’s a simple tutorial from Michael Moncur. # 12:38 pm

Decorators and explanations. Adrian explains decorators, and shows how our CMS has evolved since I left. # 12:33 pm

Open source documentation (via) Wiki’s for technical docs. Note to Mozilla: PLEASE do this for your DOM support! # 12:25 pm

safari not running preventDefault and stopPropagation. I’ve been bitten by this too; anyone know of a workaround? # 9:11 am

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