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Escaping regular expression characters in JavaScript (updated). The JavaScript regular expression meta-character escaping code I posted back in 2006 has some serious flaws—I’ve just posted an update to the original post.

# 4th July 2010, 6:23 pm / escaping, javascript, regular-expressions, recovered


Unicode code converter (via) Fantastically useful tool to convert strings of characters in to every unicode and/or escaping syntax you can possibly imagine.

# 15th December 2009, 10:10 pm / escaping, tools, unicode

Reducing XSS by way of Automatic Context-Aware Escaping in Template Systems (via) The Google Online Security Blog reminds us that simply HTML-escaping everything isn’t enough—the type of escaping needed depends on the current markup context, for example variables inside JavaScript blocks should be escaped differently. Google’s open source Ctemplate library uses an HTML parser to keep track of the current context and apply the correct escaping function automatically.

# 14th April 2009, 9:26 am / ctemplate, django, escaping, google, html, opensource, security, xss


Escaping regular expression characters in JavaScript

JavaScript’s support for regular expressions is generally pretty good, but there is one notable omission: an escaping mechanism for literal strings. Say for example you need to create a regular expression that removes a specific string from the end of a string. If you know the string you want to remove when you write the script this is easy:

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