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Thursday, 20th July 2023

Prompt injected OpenAI’s new Custom Instructions to see how it is implemented. ChatGPT added a new “custom instructions” feature today, which you can use to customize the system prompt used to control how it responds to you. swyx prompt-inject extracted the way it works:

“The user provided the following information about themselves. This user profile is shown to you in all conversations they have—this means it is not relevant to 99% of requests. Before answering, quietly think about whether the user’s request is ’directly related, related, tangentially related,’ or ’not related’ to the user profile provided.”

I’m surprised to see OpenAI using “quietly think about...” in a prompt like this—I wouldn’t have expected that language to be necessary. # 7:03 pm

sqlite-vss v0.1.1 Annotated Release Notes (via) Alex Garcia’s sqlite-vss adds vector search directly to SQLite through a custom extension. It’s now easily installed for Python, Node.js, Deno, Elixir, Go, Rust and Ruby (“gem install sqlite-vss”), and is being used actively by enough people that Alex is getting actionable feedback, including fixes for memory leaks spotted in production. # 5:48 pm

Study claims ChatGPT is losing capability, but some experts aren’t convinced. Benj Edwards talks about the ongoing debate as to whether or not GPT-4 is getting weaker over time. I remain skeptical of those claims—I think it’s more likely that people are seeing more of the flaws now that the novelty has worn off.

I’m quoted in this piece: “Honestly, the lack of release notes and transparency may be the biggest story here. How are we meant to build dependable software on top of a platform that changes in completely undocumented and mysterious ways every few months?” # 12:22 am

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