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Friday, 24th December 2021

Many of you here today are toolbuilders who help people work with data. Rather than presuming that those using your tools are clear-eyed about their data, how can you build features and methods that ensure people know the limits of their data and work with them responsibly? Your tools are not neutral. Neither is the data that your tools help analyze. How can you build tools that invite responsible data use and make visible when data is being manipulated? How can you help build tools for responsible governance?

danah boyd # 11:41 pm

The Asymmetry of Open Source (via) Caddy creator Matt Holt provides “a comprehensive guide to funding open source software projects”. This is really useful—it describes a whole range of funding models that have been demonstrated to work, including sponsorship, consulting, private support channels and more. # 9:11 pm

Weeknotes: datasette-tiddlywiki, filters_from_request

I made some good progress on the big refactor this week, including extracting some core logic out into a new Datasette plugin hook. I also got distracted by TiddlyWiki and released a new Datasette plugin that lets you run TiddlyWiki inside Datasette.

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