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Wednesday, 17th January 2018

Generating polygon representing a rough 100km circle around latitude/longitude point using Python. A question I posted to the GIS Stack Exchange—I found my own answer using a Python library called geog, then someone else posted a better solution using pyproj. # 8:57 pm

API 2.0: Log-In with ZEIT, New Docs & More. Here’s Zeit’s write-up of their brand new API 2.0, which adds OAuth support and allows anything that can be done with their command-line tools to be achieved via their public API as well. This is the enabling technology that allowed me to build Datasette Publish. # 3:23 pm

Datasette Publish: a web app for publishing CSV files as an online database

I’ve just released Datasette Publish, a web tool for turning one or more CSV files into an online database with a JSON API.

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