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Friday, 25th October 2013

What company or service sends the most beautifuly designed emails?

Litmus (who provide an excellent email testing tool) send out the most attractive newsletter in my inbox.

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How do I explain my patchy job history to a VC when pitching investment?

I wouldn’t worry about it. Entrepreneurs often have patchy job histories. A VC is much more likely to understand “I took a few months off to work on a startup idea” than a regular employer.

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What is the role of angel investors? Do they help people who find themselves in financial difficulty relating to a business failure?

I’m afraid you are misinterpreting the word “angel” in the term “angel investor”.

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Y Combinator: I want to apply to YC and I have 5 people on my team. we have two founders one technical and one designer but on our application I want to only include our three programmers one being a founder. Is this frowned upon at YC and does it hu...

YC are fine with three founders—no need to limit it to two.

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