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Friday, 18th October 2013

What are the best ways to find online serious partners ready to outsource mobile app development company?

If you want to do long-term outsourcing deals with “serious big companies”, you need to get on a plane and meet them in person.

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Is it normal for conferences to charge a registration fee from selected authors?

It depends very much on the type of conference. I believe charging speakers is quite common in academic conferences—presumably because there are plenty of niche academic conferences where almost all of the attendees are speaking or presenting a paper.

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What are some strategies for scaling sites & infrastructure so global response times are relatively close to US response times?

You need to run your application in multiple data centers around the world, partitioned such that an incoming HTTP request can be completely serviced by a single data center. Then you use global DNS load balancing to direct users to the data center that is closest to them.

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