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Wednesday, 23rd October 2013

What email marketing tool does Goop, InsideHook and other popular newsletters use?

You might be able to tell by viewing the full email headers on one of the emails they have sent you.

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Why can’t Twitter Web Intent pages be loaded into an iframe?

I imagine this is to discourage clickjacking:

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Who would like to help set up a Wordpress site that is event focused?

Eventbrite (my employer) recently worked with to provide an integration between the two services which you may find relevant—it makes it very easy to set up a hosted site which ties in to the Eventbrite API to promote and enable ticket sales: Integrations for Eventbrite

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What do you do when you passionately believe in what you’re doing and have been seeing strong customer validation, but people around you constantly diss it? How do you persevere without a support system?

This is one of the reasons it’s a good idea to build a circle if trust with other entrepreneurs—or potentially even move to a “startup hub” region where more people are doing startups.

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It is posible to send an RSS feed to Twitter geolocalized?

Yes, this is possible using the Twitter API. A competent web programmer should be ale to build this for you in a few hours.

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