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Sunday, 24th January 2010

Linux performance basics. This kind of Linux knowledge is rapidly becoming a key skill for server-side web development. # 1:50 pm

A suggestion for a business. Sooner or later, some hosting company is going to figure out that it can provide a service and make a killing (as it were) by offering ten-, twenty-, and hundred-year packets of posthumous hosting. A hundred years is not eternity, but you are not Shakespeare, and it’s a start.

Jeffrey Zeldman # 1:40 pm

Amazon S3: Versioning Proposal. The us-west-1 S3 bucket region now optionally supports versioning—once enabled on a bucket, all previous versions of keys will be preserved. # 1:38 pm

Don’t Hash Secrets. A well written explanation from 2008 of why you must use hmac instead of raw SHA-1 when hashing against a secret. # 1:30 pm

The Seven Deadly Sins of Solr. Useful advice on managing and deploying Solr. # 1:30 pm

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