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Friday, 9th November 2007

Orbited: The Orbit Event Daemon. HTTP daemon designed for long-lasting comet connections, written in Python using pyevent on top of libevent.

# 11:01 pm / comet, http, libevent, pyevent, python

Pseudo-custom events in Prototype 1.6. Useful tutorial showing how to use Prototype 1.6’s custom events to implement a cross-browser mouse wheel event.

# 11:02 pm / andrew-dupont, customevents, javascript, mousewheel, prototype

Using Time Machine across the network (via) Haven’t tried this tip yet, but apparently “defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1” lets Time Machine back up to a network drive.

# 11:04 pm / network, osx, timemachine, unsupported

JavaScript Madness: Keyboard Events. Keyboard events in JavaScript are a total pain. This looks like a pretty comprehensive reference to getting them to work cross-browser.

# 11:07 pm / crossbrowser, events, javascript, keyboard

mochiweb—another faster web server. Bob Ippolito’s latest project: a high performance Erlang web server.

# 11:22 pm / bobippolito, erlang, mochiweb, webserver

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