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Thursday, 22nd November 2007

Safari CSS Reference. Official documentation covering the CSS properties supported by Safari, including the -webkit proprietary extensions.

# 11:51 pm / browsers, css, documentation, safari, webkit

Musical hackery. Indescribably clever musical video game creation, where images from classic games spell out their own theme tunes. The smartest thing I’ve seen on YouTube, well, ever.

# 5:03 pm / games, genius, hack, music, youtube

Why Guiness tastes better in Ireland. Two reasons: it’s more popular so kegs empty faster (and you always get a fresh pint), and Guinness send someone round to every pub to flush the lines once every three weeks.

# 3:41 pm / drinking, guiness, ireland, jon-udell, pubs

Happy 30th Birthday Internet! “Exactly 30 years ago today on November 22, 1977 the first three networks were connected to become the Internet.”

# 3:25 pm / birthday, elliotterustyharold, internet

WS-dämmerung. Tim Bray collects the latest round of WS-* repenting, which saves me from linking to them individually.

# 9:49 am / soap, tim-bray, web-services, wsstar

Giant Global Graph. Tim Berners-Lee points out that the Semantic Web is designed to solve problems such as portable social networks.

# 12:30 am / openid, portablesocialnetworks, semanticweb, socialgraph, timbernerslee

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