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Making Time Machine work with the ReadyNAS. Finally, a decent set of instructions on using a ReadyNAS with Time Machine. The trick is to create a local sparse disk image with a magic name (based on hostname and eth0 MAC address), then move it to the NAS. # 4th May 2008, 5:55 pm

iTimeMachine. Enables Time Machine to see network drives (a ReadyNAS NV+ for example). There’s also a defaults setting but it didn’t seem to work; this did. # 29th January 2008, 11:33 pm


Using Time Machine across the network (via) Haven’t tried this tip yet, but apparently “defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1” lets Time Machine back up to a network drive. # 9th November 2007, 11:04 pm

How Time Machine works. From John Siracusa’s Leopard review. The bad news is that Time Machine doesn’t deal well with huge files that have small changes made to them... such as Parallels VM images. # 29th October 2007, 9:56 am