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Friday, 11th June 2004

Writing Code Is Stupid (via) Argues that the future for many applications lies in code generation. # 9:12 pm

Understanding ASP.NET View State (via) I still think it’s a revolting hack. # 9:11 pm

The Internet: ’A Dirty Mess’ (via) This time it’s Bruce Sterling highlighting the darker side of cyberspace. # 9:09 pm

A Practical Start to Web Standards (via) An introduction. # 9:04 pm

Employee #3201234954. youngpup joins the collective. # 5:12 pm

PyObjC 1.1 (and move to subversion). “Because it is a Subversion repository, that same URL can be used to browser the source, checkout the source via Subversion, or mount the PyObjC repository in the Finder and copy out any branch, tag or the trunk by simple drag-n-drop.” # 6:53 am

Catching web standards. Web standards can be sexually transmitted! # 6:52 am

JavaScript and accessibility. Matt May is seeking JavaScripters to help build a library of accessible scripts. # 6:40 am

Embracing Best Practice

D. Keith Robinson is Sick of Web Standards, and to a certain extent, so am I. Like Keith, I’m not sick of standards themselves; I’ve been using them for over two years now and couldn’t conceive of developing without them. Unlike Keith, I’m not tired of advocating them—but I thoroughly believe that it’s time to extend the discussion.

[... 396 words]

Standards-War Stupidity. “... in my opening remarks I said we were not going to tolerate any childish ad-hominem bullshit in this process ...” # 3:57 am

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