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Wednesday, 9th June 2004

WHAT’s Next. More WHAT punnage, with thoughts from Dave Shea. # 8:30 pm

Mozilla Firefox 0.9 Release Notes. I just installed 0.9 RC 1 on my Mac. It’s prettier than 0.8. # 8:08 pm

Small Values of Cool: 5250 fans aren’t Luddutes. Serious data entry clerks and mice just don’t mix. # 3:55 pm even more fun with subdomains (via) “As of today, in an attempt to pollute subdomainspace even further...” # 3:48 pm Examples : Bending the Matrix (via) That’s some pretty crazy image replacement! # 3:43 pm

Against Search Engine Optimisers... Tom Coates on SEO, a year ago. # 3:40 pm

Implementation issues with DHTML behaviors (via) Interesting post by Dean Edwards to the WHAT WG mailing list. # 9:10 am

WHAT’s going on? In which I attempt to make some sense of the recent formation of the WHAT WG. # 8:48 am

gzip: well, sometimes it’s simple. Finally a clear explanation of BlogSpot’s weird junk character problem in FireFox. # 8:02 am

Douglas County Fair Demolition Derby. Without this, my year in the US just wouldn’t be complete. # 6:01 am

Playing With Time: Gallery (via) A fantastic collection of movies showing slow things happening fast and fast things happening slowly. # 6 am Perform ’natural order’ comparisons of strings in python. # 5:55 am

WaSP Survey (via) Tell us how to help you! # 5:10 am

Backporting from Python 2.3 to Python 2.2

We have a home-grown templating system at work, which I intend to dedicate an entry to some time in the future. We originally wrote it in Python 2.2, but upgraded to Python 2.3 a while ago and have since been evolving our code in that environment. Today I found a need to load the most recent version of our templating system on to a small, long neglected application that had been running the original version ever since it had enough features to be usable.

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