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Wednesday, 17th September 2003

Dive Into Python reborn

Sweet. Mark Pilgrim is working on Dive Into Python again, funded by a dead tree publisher for publication in 2004 (hopefully). The free version will stay available as well. I’ve always preferred reading paper to reading a screen so I’m definitely down for a copy.

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Via Ned Batchelder, an article on Reversing Regular Expressions from Otherwise known as Sexeger, these offer a performance boost over normal regular expressions for certain tasks. The basic idea is pretty simple: searching backwards through a string using a regular expression can be a messy business, but by reversing both the string and the expression, running it, then reversing the result far better performance can be achieved (reversing a string is a relatively inexpensive operation). The example code is in Perl, but I couldn’t resist trying it in Python. The challenge is to find the last number occurring in a string.

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Google conspiracy theories

Microdoc News have a poorly researched story suggesting that Google have been engineering their search results to favour their own properties:

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