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Monday, 8th September 2003

“Is Evil..” titles are evil

Too excellent articles on Object Oriented Design: Why extends is evil and Why getter and setter methods are evil. Ignore the inflammatory titles: the subheading of the second article, “Make your code more maintainable by avoiding accessors”, is a much better indication of their content. I picked up some great tips on proper use of OOP from reading them. In particular, the section on CRC cards made something click which hadn’t clicked when I looked at them earlier this year for my ill fated University software project.

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I’ve always wondered how fonts work. I now have a much better understanding of the technology involved thanks to Microsoft’s excellent Typography site, in particular this Introduction to hinting from 1997 (via ).

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Short stories

Cory Doctorow has a new book of short stories coming out, and has released six out of nine of them under a creative commons license following the success of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. I just finished reading Craphound and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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