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Monday, 15th September 2003

Interactive Python

I adore the Python interactive interpreter. I use it for development (it’s amazing how many bugs you can skip by testing your code line by line in the interactive environment), I use it for calculations, but recently I’ve also found myself using it just as a general tool for answering questions.

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Paul Sowden is the blogger who inspired me to start my own blog over a year ago. He’s restarted his blog at a new domain: Let’s hope the new site doesn’t live up to its name. Oh, and be sure to view source for Paul’s own special brand of minimalist valid HTML 4.

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New content management blog

Ideas in Technology and Publishing is a great new blog covering content management, XML and other publishing related technologies. It’s less than a month old so it’s still possible to read through the archives in full, which I’ve just done and recommend to anyone with an interest in content management.

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