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Saturday, 20th September 2003

“Interactive Tabular Data”

Just spotted in a comment by Drew McLellan on Russell Beattie’s Notebook:

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Auto-complete text boxes

There’s a great new article up on Sitepoint describing a technique for adding auto-complete functionality to normal HTML text input fields using Javascript. The code uses a whole bunch of browser-specific code, but it has to thanks to the unconsistent ways in which different browsers handle text selection ranges. Unfortunately the article doesn’t actually provide a demo of the code in action, so I’ve posted one here. It’s a very nice effect.

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The pirate’s code

So, now that “talk like a pirate” day has sadly come to an end, it’s time to reveal the five minute code hack that rendered my front page semi-legible for the best part of a day. It was actually pretty simple:

[... 260 words]

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