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Sunday, 4th May 2003

Achieving standards compliance and a list of DTDs

Via the WaSP blog (I wish they would ping, How to achieve web standards and quality on your web site and List of valid DTDs you can use in your document, both by the W3C QA team. The former includes a great selection of questions and answers to typical reasons for not using standards (as well as some great tips on how to create standard compliant sites) while the latter finally provides all of the DTDs in one place.

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Strong Typing vs Strong Testing

In Strong Typing vs. Strong Testing, Bruce Eckel reconsiders the old idea that languages without strong typing can’t be relied on to create large programs:

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Defending Structural Markup

I’ve been somewhat taken by surprise by the latest round of anti-CSS rants (initiated by JWZ, followups all over the place), mainly because I’ve been using CSS for long enough now that I’d started to forget about the legions of web developers out there who haven’t yet realised what they’re missing. Instead of getting stuck in to dissecting other people’s complaints I’m just going to lay down a few of my own core beliefs.

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