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Monday, 19th May 2003, with added CSS

One of the aims of this course is to show how relatively simple CSS can be used to make dramatic improvements to existing sites. Today, I’ll show how CSS can be used to reduce the amount of code needed for a small part of the design of

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The Selfish Class

The Selfish Class provides a set of related patterns to help design software objects that encourage reuse. They seem to make a lot of sense; I’ve only read a smal part of the paper and I’m already spotting things that are reflected in software I’ve found reusable in the past. Key example:

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New Gestures Build

There’s a new nightly build of the Mozilla mouse gestures plugin which supports Firebird 0.6 and has a preferences panel, complete with options for setting up custom gestures. I missed the customise button at first (Tools -> Options -> Extensions -> Mouse Gestures -> Settings -> Edit Mappings) but it’s very powerful, if slightly confusing. It’s nice to be able to change gestures to the right mouse button without digging in to about:config as well.

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Syntax Highlighting with Javascript

If you were curious enough to dig around the source code of yesterday’s CSS tutorial, you may have noticed a couple of classes that didn’t appear to be doing anything:

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