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Thursday, 15th May 2003

All Courseworked Out

I’m all courseworked out. After 4 hours sleep on Saturday night, I got up at 8am, headed in to Uni and spent the next consecutive 57 hours in the Library doing coursework (grabbing a total of about two hours sleep during that time). It was, with hindsight, a very stupid thing to do but I take heart in the fact that I was not alone: At least 20 other people from my course were there for almost the same amount of time I was (see Richard and Andy).

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Ninety percent of everything is crap

Via the comments on Robert C. Martin’s One per Pixel, I came across Sturgeon’s Law from the Pragmatic Programmers: Ninety percent of everything is crap. The article has the following to say about software development:

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PyMeld is a concrete implementation of something I’ve been thinking about for months: A template system that takes an XHTML page as a template and manipulates it based on cloning and modifying elements within the template identified using their ID attribute. It’s a very elegant solution that makes good use of Python’s object overloading support to make manipulating templates as intuitive as possible. Maybe the same thing will be possible in PHP once the new overloading functions become part of the standard package.

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CSS2 is five years old

No one appeared to notice, but the CSS2 Recommendation had its five year birthday on Monday the 12th of May. Maybe now people will stop writing it off as a new and unproven technology and start looking in to the benefits it can bring instead. Speaking of which, I’ve decided on the format for my CSS tutorial series and hope to kick things off with the first in the series tomorrow.

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