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Friday, 14th June 2002

Mark explains all

Over at diveintomark Mark Pilgrim has explained the aims of his Accessibility series:

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Meta weblog API

I’m itching to get an XML-RPC interface to this blog up and running so I can start playing with blogging tools (or roll my own in PythonCard). It looks like Dave Winer’s MetaWeblog API is just what I need. It describes an XML-RPC interface with 3 methods: metaWeblog.newPost, metaWeblog.editPost and metaWeblog.getPost. More importantly, the standard supports complete flexibility in the data that is sent along with the request. My entries consist of a body, an optional permalink (one is generated if none is specified), optional categories and an optional search string for a “Google It!” link if one is required. The MetaWeblog API looks ideally suited to handling this, and is fully extensible should I change the format of my entries in the future.

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Blog added to the OED

Dane Carlson: Blog to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Day 4: Lillian

Mark Pilgrim’s set of case studies is beginning to shape together. I’ve been following responses to it through his “Further reading on today’s posts” referral tracking tool—reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with almost universal praise for Mark’s decision to use the case study format to drive home his point. kcalder criticised Mark’s suggestion that colour blind users wouldn’t get much out of images on the web, and Mark has apologised and altered the case study accordingly. SubAverage called Mark “preachy” and posted a parody (mentioned in passing by Dave Winer). All this and we’re only on day 4.

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Sex tips for Geeks

Eric Raymond: Sex Tips for Geeks :)

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Zend Engine 2 alpha

I don’t know how I missed this, but the PHP group have released an alpha version of PHP with the Zend Engine 2 (tarball / Windows binary). This is exciting stuff—the new scripting engine has vastly improved object support and brand new exception handling, something I’ve wanted in PHP for a long time. The CHANGELOG lists the new features and provides sample code. Here’s a summary:

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I validate again

I validate again.

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Hixie replies again

Hixie has answered my question. Judging by how long it took IE to support CSS1, he estimates 6 years until XHTML is ready for main stream use. He’s almost certainly right, but I’m going to try to stick with XHTML any way (bandwagon jumping can be fun). He also points out that this site does not validate—I checked the original template but it seems that several of the entries I have added have inadvertantly invalidated the page, mainly through unescaped ampersands and the like. Time to add an automatic “validation” system to my administrative tools—it’s a shame the W3 validator isn’t available as a web service.

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