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14th June 2002

Over at diveintomark Mark Pilgrim has explained the aims of his Accessibility series:

This series is entitled “30 days to a more accessible weblog”, and it will answer two questions. The first question is “Why should I make my weblog more accessible?” If you do not have a weblog, this series is not for you. The second question is “How can I make my weblog more accessible?” If you are not convinced by the first answer, you will not be interested in the second.

He is planning a five week series of tips for creating an accessible weblog, with a new tip each day. The tips will be explained in such a way that even bloggers with no experience of HTML will be able to understand and implement them.

While I applaud his aims and greatly look forward to the series, I can’t help but feel that limiting the series to just bloggers is an unnecessary move. I expect most of the tips to be applicable to a wide array of sites and the web is crying out for a good resource for improving general site accessibility. I’m sure Mark’s series will be fantastic, but I would love to see it aimed at a larger target audience.

This is Mark explains all by Simon Willison, posted on 14th June 2002.

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