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Saturday, 22nd June 2002

Comments added

I’ve added a comments feature to this blog, in preparation for tomorrow’s big story (hinted at below).

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Two things about Mozilla

New project in the works—details to follow soon. In developing it I’ve learnt two new things about Mozilla:

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Via Slashdot:—for all your world domination needs. Product categories include Superweapons, Lairs and Miscellaneous Evil.

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Building a semantic website Building a Semantic Web Site. A top down guide to RSS and associated metadata concepts, including Dublin Core and Topic Maps.

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NPR again

More on BoingBoing about NPR’s link policy. It seems NPR are reconsidering their policy, but in the mean time they have posted a defence of it which Cory Doctorow criticises at length.

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Dave’s back

Dave’s back. Thank goodness for that :)

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