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Wednesday, 26th June 2002

Gone to Glastonbury

Gone to Glastonbury

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Warchalking now has its own website: Warchalking is one of those brilliant ideas that quickly takes the ’net (or at least parts of it) by storm. The basic idea is a set of symbols which can be chalked on walls in areas with a wireless network node to alert other geeks to the availability of bandwidth. I’d go in to it further but the site has as much information as anyone could possibly want on the subject.

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Enterprise Application Architecture

Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler: A fantastic book on Object Oriented patterns and how they can be applied to large software projects. The book is available on the web as a work-in-progress and I can safely say I’ve never found an online resource that has taught me more about software design. Literally 24 hours after finding it my head is swimming with design patterns, domain models and relational database mapping techniques, and I’ve already started using some of the patterns in my latest project. A big thanks to Captain Proton on the SitePoint forums for pointing it out (and also for helping me understand PHP references a few days ago). I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is serious about learning Object Oriented design, or indeed any OO-capable language.

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Cetus links

Useful resource: Cetus Links—18,244 Links on Objects & Components. I found them via their Python page, which in itself lists over 200 Python resources split in to categories.

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Use real links

Day 13: Using Real Links (or why you shouldn’t use javascript:). I’m ahead on this one—Scott Andrew convinced me of the dangers of javascript: a month ago and I designed my comments system with this in mind.

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PHP auto class inclusion

When developing PHP applications, I usually have a classes directory somewhere in which I keep all of my PHP classes ready for inclusion. I name the class files ClassName.class.php. Normally I have a file that is included in all of the scripts in my application and requires the classes needed by the application, but today I wrote a few lines of code that saves me from having to alter that file every time I write a new class:

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Slashdot on XWT

Slashdot has a story on XWT (mentioned previously). Adam Megacz, the author of the system, does an excellent job of defending and explaining the concepts of XWT in the discussion thread attached to the article.

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EuroPython starts

EuroPython 2002 kicks off today, and the EuroPython site is hosting an interview with Alex Martelli (comp.lang.python regular and author of the soon-to-be-released Python Cookbook). I haven’t found anyone who’s blogging the conference yet though.

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XML in Mozilla

WebReference: XML in Mozilla 1.0. A quick summary of the XML technologies available with Mozilla 1.0, code samples not included.

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The 5k

The 5k is an annual competition in which entrants must create the most impressive web site in 5k or less. This year’s competition entries are now online and the quality of the entries is even higher than the previous two years. My initial favourite is Wolfenstein 5K, a texture mapped first person shooter implemented in 5119 bytes of cross browser javascript (I tested it in Mozilla and IE6, and the author claims it runs in Netscape 4).

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