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Thursday, 13th June 2002

More FuzzyBlog stuff

More FuzzyBlog stuff. Scott runs one of my favourite blogs—constantly updated, plenty of interesting new content and most of it fits the areas I am interested in. Today’s items that caught my eye are Why Do I Blog So Much? and Very, Very Practical Tips for the Busy Person : Part 2 (actually posted on Monday, find Part 1 here.). I particularly liked the following quote from “Why Do I Blog So Much?”:

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Hixie replies

Hixie has replied to my previous post (and provided my first ever link in the process).

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Hixie on WaSP

Hixie has been poking around the new Web Standards Project site, and he is not impressed. His analysis of the site makes interesting reading, with complaints including CSS colour and background not being set at the same time and the content-type of the document being set as “text/html” rather than the more correct “text/xml” required for XHTML documents.

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Mozilla alpha

Mozilla 1.1 Alpha was released yesterday, and after reading Scott Andrew’s recommendation (especially with respect to the mail client) I decided to give it a go. I found the ability to turn off images in mail eventually—it’s hidden away in Edit->Preferences->Privacy & Security->Images as opposed to Mail & News preferences where I looked for it first.

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Tree from unordered list

The amazing tree generator (via webgraphics, who in turn got it from CSS Discuss). This is just the kind of DHTML I really like. Place a simple nested unordered list in your document and this external javascript can use the DOM to convert the list in to a hierarchical outline style tree, with each node expandable to show the child members. It looks great and works in both IE and Mozilla—I haven’t tested it in other browsers but it should degrade gracefully, leaving them with a static nested list.

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Charity and Amazon

Spotted over at FuzzyBlog: If I Was Jeff Bezos of Amazon and I wanted to do the Right Thing, Here’s What I’d Do. In a nutshell, Scott Johnson suggests that Amazon set up a free (or very low cost) system for charities to gather donations through Amazon’s payment system—a charitable version of PayPal. Why Amazon? They have a good reputation, a well implemented payment system and a massive user base. The more convenient the system the more likely people are to donate.

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