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13th June 2002

More FuzzyBlog stuff. Scott runs one of my favourite blogs—constantly updated, plenty of interesting new content and most of it fits the areas I am interested in. Today’s items that caught my eye are Why Do I Blog So Much? and Very, Very Practical Tips for the Busy Person : Part 2 (actually posted on Monday, find Part 1 here.). I particularly liked the following quote from “Why Do I Blog So Much?”:

Blogging is a superb knowledge capture tool [...] I use my blog to capture my marketing ideas because if we are to grow, others need to know this. The interaction I get from sharing them with the world only improves them.

I’m not too interested in marketing but the idea of sharing knowledge to improve ideas is the principle reason I started this blog.

This is More FuzzyBlog stuff by Simon Willison, posted on 13th June 2002.

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