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Stamina: tutorial (via) Stamina is Hynek’s new Python library that implements an opinionated wrapper on top of Tenacity, providing a decorator for easily implementing exponential backoff retries. This tutorial includes a concise, clear explanation as to why this is such an important concept in building distributed systems. # 4th July 2023, 8:13 pm

Large teams spend more time dealing with coordination and are more likely to reach for architecture and abstractions that they hope will reduce coordination costs, aka if I architect this well enough I don’t have to speak to my colleagues. Microservices, event buses, and schema free databases are all examples of attempts to architect our way around coordination. A decade in we’ve learned that these patterns raise the cost of reasoning about a system, during onboarding, during design, and during incidents and outages.

Kellan Elliott-McCrea # 24th January 2023, 5:26 am


The Amazon Builders’ Library (via) “How Amazon builds and operates software”—an extraordinarily valuable collection of detailed articles about how AWS works and operates under the hood. # 5th September 2022, 5:50 pm


Behind the scenes, AWS Lambda (via) Bruno Schaatsbergen pulled together details about how AWS Lambda works under the hood from a detailed review of the AWS documentation, the Firecracker paper and various talks at AWS re:Invent. # 10th July 2021, 7:40 pm


What are good ways to develop software architectures using multiple languages?

There are a bunch of options for communicating between different languages, but these days the simplest is definitely JSON—it maps directly to common data structures in PHP, Python, Ruby and so on. Treat it as your common interchange format and you can’t go far wrong. It’s very easy to build simple internal web services on top of JSON.

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What companies are using Node.js in production in Texas?

There’s a list on this page:

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