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Saturday, 27th January 2024

Simon Willison interview: AI software still needs the human touch. Thomas Claburn interviewed me for The Register. We talked about AI training copyright, applications of AI for programming, AI security and a whole bunch of other topics.

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Danielle Del, a spokeswoman for Sasso, said Dudesy is not actually an A.I.

“It’s a fictional podcast character created by two human beings, Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen,” Del wrote in an email. “The YouTube video ‘I’m Glad I’m Dead’ was completely written by Chad Kultgen.”

George Carlin’s Estate Sues Podcasters Over A.I. Episode

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The Articulation Barrier: Prompt-Driven AI UX Hurts Usability. Jakob Nielsen: “Generative AI systems like ChatGPT use prose prompts for intent-based outcomes, requiring users to be articulate in writing prose, which is a challenge for half of the population in rich countries.”

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If you have had any prior experience with personal computers, what you might expect to see is some sort of opaque code, called a “prompt,” consisting of phosphorescent green or white letters on a murky background. What you see with Macintosh is the Finder. On a pleasant, light background (you can later change the background to any of a number of patterns, if you like), little pictures called “icons” appear, representing choices available to you.

Steven Levy (in 1984)

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