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Tuesday, 23rd January 2024

Prompt Lookup Decoding (via) Really neat LLM optimization trick by Apoorv Saxena, who observed that it’s common for sequences of tokens in LLM input to be reflected by the output—snippets included in a summarization, for example.

Apoorv’s code performs a simple search for such prefixes and uses them to populate a set of suggested candidate IDs during LLM token generation.

The result appears to provide around a 2.4x speed-up in generating outputs!

# 2:14 am / ai, generative-ai, llms

The Open Source Sustainability Crisis (via) Chad Whitacre: “What is Open Source sustainability? Why do I say it is in crisis? My answers are that sustainability is when people are getting paid without jumping through hoops, and we’re in a crisis because people aren’t and they’re burning out.”

I really like Chad’s focus on “jumping through hoops” in this piece. It’s possible to build a financially sustainable project today, but it requires picking one or more activities that aren’t directly aligned with working on the core project: raising VC and starting a company, building a hosted SaaS platform and becoming a sysadmin, publishing books and courses and becoming a content author.

The dream is that open source maintainers can invest all of their effort in their projects and make a good living from that work.

# 4:48 pm / open-source