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Saturday, 20th January 2024

DSF calls for applicants for a Django Fellow. The Django Software Foundation employs contractors to manage code reviews and releases, responsibly handle security issues, coach new contributors, triage tickets and more.

This is the Django Fellows program, which is now ten years old and has proven enormously impactful.

Mariusz Felisiak is moving on after five years and the DSF are calling for new applicants, open to anywhere in the world.

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And now, in Anno Domini 2024, Google has lost its edge in search. There are plenty of things it can’t find. There are compelling alternatives. To me this feels like a big inflection point, because around the stumbling feet of the Big Tech dinosaurs, the Web’s mammals, agile and flexible, still scurry. They exhibit creative energy and strongly-flavored voices, and those voices still sometimes find and reinforce each other without being sock puppets of shareholder-value-focused private empires.

Tim Bray

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