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Friday, 5th April 2024

Everything I Know About the XZ Backdoor (via) Evan Boehs provides the most detailed timeline I’ve seen of the recent xz story, where a backdoor was inserted into the xz compression library in an attempt to compromise OpenSSH. # 10:58 pm

s3-credentials 0.16. I spent entirely too long this evening trying to figure out why files in my new supposedly public S3 bucket were unavailable to view. It turns out these days you need to set a PublicAccessBlockConfiguration of {"BlockPublicAcls": false, "IgnorePublicAcls": false, "BlockPublicPolicy": false, "RestrictPublicBuckets": false}.

The s3-credentials --create-bucket --public option now does that for you. I also added a s3-credentials debug-bucket name-of-bucket command to help figure out why a bucket isn't working as expected. # 5:35 am