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Saturday, 6th July 2013

In which programming language do programmers get paid the most?

The best (and best paid) software engineers work in multiple languages, and pick new ones up as and when they need to. If you pigeon-hole yourself as an “X programmer” you’ll limit yourself to relatively uninteresting, interchangeable roles.

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What are some good analytics software for SAAS products? wrt to customer churn, segmentation of customers and product metrics

The two big ones at the moment are and They are both excellent, and both offer free trials... do I suggest giving both of them a go and seeing which one you find most useful.

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How does a web page interact with a server to parse a dynamic JSON file?

If you’re only dealing with 60 records there’s no need to add a full database. I’ve actually hand coded a 50 record JSON file before and it was fine- use an editor with good JSON support (I like Sublime Text 2) and it’s pretty easy to hand write.

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