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Saturday, 20th July 2013

I am 17 years old and I plan to travel solo for 3—4 months around Europe. Do you have any advice? I want to taste a bit of everything that Western Europe has to offer, to walk on small roads and use as little money as possible.

Don’t stick to just Western Europe. Eastern European countries are much cheaper and often much more interesting.

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Is there an alternative to media queries for responsive design?

Yes: use percentage measurements for your layout components. That way you can build a website that works on a much larger range of screen sizes. You can combine this approach with media queries—for example, you could specify that your site has a 25% wide navigation menu and a 75% wide content area on devices that are wider than 400px, but any smaller than that and it collapses to a single column layout with the menu hidden and accessible only through a menu bar icon.

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What do business people look for in a good business card?

I like to encourage writing on business cards—which means that the card shouldn’t be glossy (to ensure pens work on it). Our business cards, designed by my partner Natalie Downe, actually have a labelled “notes” area on one side of them.

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