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Sunday, 28th July 2013

I have an idea for a website, with an idea for eventually having cashflow out of it? However, my skills are insufficient to build it and I have no money at all to hire someone—what’s my best starting point?

You either need to learn some skills, or you need to earn some money. Sadly, having a good idea is not enough—you need to be able to execute it as well.

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Does preparing before a presentation actually help one’s presentation?

Yes, in all cases. Not preparing adequately is disrespectful to your audience.

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Are there any Twitter apps funded by Y Combinator? was originally a Twitter app (required Twitter for signin and social graph) back when we were funded by YC. We didn’t really think of ourselves as a “Twitter app” though, and I don’t think that aspect if the service was influential in getting accepted in to YC.

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