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Wednesday, 17th March 2010 Simple online tool for unpacking and beautifying JavaScript. # 10:39 pm

If HTML is just another bytecode container and rendering runtime, we’ll have lost part of what made the web special, and I’m afraid HTML will lose to other formats by willingly giving up its differentiators and playing on their turf.

Alex Russell # 10:37 pm

The Web Server Benchmarking We Need. Ian Bicking asks for a WSGI benchmark which emphasises error handling over raw performance—can the server keep serving requests if some of them are CPU bound, I/O bound, wedged or cause a segfault? # 10:05 am

We spent $860,000 rebuilding our intranet. The most popular page on the intranet is still the cafeteria menu.

Intranet Secrets # 10:02 am