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Monday, 26th June 2006

Essentials, 2006 edition. 2006 must be the year of Linux on the desktop! # 9:07 pm

How to use Django with FastCGI. The best FastCGI documentation I’ve seen for any platform. # 8:26 pm

Notes on JavaScript Libraries

@media 2006 was a blast. Great talks, great people and some of the highest production values I’ve ever seen at a conference (check out the bags!).

[... 682 words]

Reuse-in-the-large is an unsolved problem: Why I left OpenACS for Rails. Fascinating insight in to the reason frameworks that do less do more. # 2:55 pm on Active Resource. Looks like 37 signals might be looking in to scaling across multiple servers using web services. # 11:12 am

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