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Tuesday, 20th June 2006

Cerealizer (via) A safe pickle for Python. # 11:49 pm

Two revolutionary features in Opera 9

Wow, if I’m not careful this is going to turn in to a promotional blog for Opera.

[... 678 words]

Interoperability and DRM are Mutually Exclusive. A beautiful indictment of the insanity of DRM interoperability. # 8:28 pm

I’m on the Oxfam website! Fourth back on the left. # 10:39 am

Django and JSON. Neat trick to serialize Djange QuerySets as JSON. # 8:16 am

Office 2007 is the Bravest Upgrade Ever. Anil Dash likes the ribbon. It’s definitely one heck of a risky move. # 8:11 am

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