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Monday, 8th March 2004

Lockergnome reverts

I decided to hold off commenting on the news that Lockergnome were dropping their CSS layout in favour of a table based alternative until I had seen the new design for myself. I figured that they were probably just going to move to a transitional tables/CSS combination design with tables used to bypass some of the more taxing cross-browser issues. I think the following code snippet from their new front page speaks for itself:

[... 182 words]

Rounded Corners in CSS (via) Using :before and :after, so no show in IE. # 8:01 pm

Joel on Software—Back to Basics. And oldie but still worth re-reading. # 7:18 pm

We’ve found the weapons of mass destruction

At work while poking around the official website for Iraq’s Coalition Provisional Authority we stumbled across some interesting meta tags:

[... 85 words]

Essential utility: “screen”. Multiple terminals in a single session. # 5:01 pm

Jay-Z Construction Set (via) The logical conclusion of Grey Tuesday. # 5 pm

A Transforming Experience for Content Management? (via) Good overview of XSLT 2.0. # 4:56 pm

SharedID (via) Single sign-in system based on FOAF—but it isn’t decentralised. # 4:54 pm

Know Your Enemy (via) A great series of essays about defending against script kiddies. # 4:29 pm

Divmod.Org :: Nevow. a next-generation web application templating system # 4:17 pm

Experience Google’s new look. Via a clever bookmarklet that changes your cookie. # 3:45 pm