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We’ve found the weapons of mass destruction

8th March 2004

At work while poking around the official website for Iraq’s Coalition Provisional Authority we stumbled across some interesting meta tags:

<meta name=" keywords" content="Coalition, Saddam, Hussein, War, Iraq, Oil, army, health, Gulf War, military, humanitarian, operations, Medical, assistance, mass, destruction, Military, medical, news, Bremer, forces, RPGs, national, guard, defense, DoD, security, war, contracts, contracting, civilian, KBR, Bechtel, Halliburton, electricity, baghdad, Iraqi, Iraqis, Sunni, Shiite, kurds, , defense, bombing, missile, weapon, weapons, WMD">

The nod towards Halliburton is a nice touch as well.

This is We’ve found the weapons of mass destruction by Simon Willison, posted on 8th March 2004.

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