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Lockergnome reverts

8th March 2004

I decided to hold off commenting on the news that Lockergnome were dropping their CSS layout in favour of a table based alternative until I had seen the new design for myself. I figured that they were probably just going to move to a transitional tables/CSS combination design with tables used to bypass some of the more taxing cross-browser issues. I think the following code snippet from their new front page speaks for itself:

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="778" 
<tr><td align="left">
<div id="footer">
  <blockquote>&copy; 1996-2004, Lockergnome LLC. ISSN: 1095-3965. All 
  Rights Reserved. Please read our <a href="/about/privacy-policy.phtml">
  Privacy Policy</a> and <a href="/about/terms-of-service.phtml">
  Terms of Service</a>. Web site hosted by 
  <a href="">Webair</a>. 
  Email newsletters powered by <a href="">WhatCounts</a>. 
  Domain registered at <a href="">GnomeDOMAINS</a>.

A blockquote for indentation, inside a table that exists purely to apply a width, following on from two empty paragraphs for added vertical space? It’s like CSS margin properties never happened. Welcome back to 1996.

This is Lockergnome reverts by Simon Willison, posted on 8th March 2004.

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