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You likely have a TinyML system in your pocket right now: every cellphone has a low power DSP chip running a deep learning model for keyword spotting, so you can say “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri” and have it wake up on-demand without draining your battery. It’s an increasingly pervasive technology. [...]

It’s astonishing what is possible today: real time computer vision on microcontrollers, on-device speech transcription, denoising and upscaling of digital signals. Generative AI is happening, too, assuming you can find a way to squeeze your models down to size. We are an unsexy field compared to our hype-fueled neighbors, but the entire world is already filling up with this stuff and it’s only the very beginning. Edge AI is being rapidly deployed in a ton of fields: medical sensing, wearables, manufacturing, supply chain, health and safety, wildlife conservation, sports, energy, built environment—we see new applications every day.

Daniel Situnayake # 16th January 2024, 6:49 pm

Daniel Situnayake explains TinyML in a Hacker News comment. Daniel worked on TensorFlow Lite at Google and co-wrote the TinyML O’Reilly book. He just posted a multi-paragraph comment on Hacker News explaining the term and describing some of the recent innovations in that space.

“TinyML means running machine learning on low power embedded devices, like microcontrollers, with constrained compute and memory.” # 16th January 2024, 6:46 pm