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What are the most “New Yorkers” experiences you can do in London?

There’s a Shake Shack (legendary NY burger chain) in Covent Garden now.

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Is it worth it for an aspiring web developer in NYC to attend the San Francisco Startup Jobs Fair in November? What I mean is what are my chances that a company would be interested in me, allowing that my code skills are up to snuff, if I don’t live ...

Not being in SF already is no problem at all—demand for talented developers is crazy high, so provided you are a great developer the fact you would need to relocate won’t be a barrier.

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What things can you find in London but not in New York City?

A train that will take you directly to Paris.

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What Social Media, marketing events or conferences are taking place between December 24 and December 31 in New York City?

The #140conf holiday party is on the 27th of December and is likely to attract a bunch of social media / marketing / entrepreneur types:

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What Social Media events or conferences are taking place in November 2011 in San Francisco or New York?

There don’t seem to be many “social media” events happening in November—September and October are peak season.

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