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Let’s agree that no matter what we call the situation that the humans who are elsewhere are at a professional disadvantage. There is a communication, culture, and context tax applied to the folks who are distributed. Your job as a leader to actively invest in reducing that tax.

Michael Lopp # 3rd December 2019, 1:34 pm


What honorarium is befitting for a guest speaker apart from money?

Here are a few ways you can treat your speakers really well.

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What is the best way to notify participants of a planned meeting?

Google Calendar invites work really well—they’re sent via email and are reasonably usable even by people who don’t themselves use Google Calendar.

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Product Demonstrations: What’s the best way to view/demo a website offline at an event?

If this is a static website (just HTML, images, CSS and a bit of JavaScript) you might be able to get it running on your laptop using a web server. OS X prior to Mountain Lion had a built in Apache which could be turned on using the “Web Sharing” option in the Sharing preference page, but it looks like they’ve now removed that option—a way of turning it back on again is described here:

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If I’m eating during an evening meeting (where a full food spread is available for 20 meeting attendees), how do I know how loud my chewing and crunching is? Am I disrupting the meeting?

It’s probably fine, provided you eat with your mouth closed! If you’re really nervous about it, politely and discretely ask someone.

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A meeting must fight to exist. It must defend its existence to its attendees who should constantly be asking “Why are we here?”

Rands # 31st August 2007, 5:50 pm