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Annotated explanation of David Beazley’s dataklasses (via) David Beazley released a self-described “deliciously evil spin on dataclasses” that uses some deep Python trickery to implement a dataclass style decorator which creates classes that import 15-20 times faster than the original. I put together a heavily annotated version of his code while trying to figure out how all of the different Python tricks in it work. # 20th December 2021, 5:05 am

I’ve always believed that a book, even a technical book, should try to tell a cohesive story. The challenge is that as Python has grown in popularity, it has really turned into three different languages--each with their own story. There is a whimsical Python for scripting and tinkering, a quirky Python for asynchronous programming and networking, and a serious Python for enterprise applications. Sometimes these stories intersect. Sometimes not.

David Beazley # 18th July 2021, 2:53 pm


Practical Python Programming (via) David Beazley has been developing and presenting this three day Python course (aimed at people with some prior programming experience) for over thirteen years, and he’s just released the course materials under a Creative Commons license for the first time. # 29th May 2020, 1:15 pm


Generator Tricks for Systems Programmers (via) David Beazley’s definitive generators tutorial from 2008, updated for Python 3.7 in October 2018. # 9th April 2019, 5:13 pm