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Monday, 24th June 2024

Microfeatures I Love in Blogs and Personal Websites (via) This post by Daniel Fedorin (and the accompanying Hacker News thread) is a nice reminder of one of the most fun things about building your own personal website: it gives you a low-risk place to experiment with details like footnotes, tables of contents, linkable headings, code blocks, RSS feeds, link previews and more.

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New blog feature: Support for markdown in quotations. Another incremental improvement to my blog. I've been collecting quotations here since 2006 - I now render them using Markdown (previously they were just plain text). Here's one example. The full set of 920 (and counting) quotations can be explored using this search filter.

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What Apple unveiled last week with Apple Intelligence wasn't so much new products, but new features—a slew of them—for existing products, powered by generative AI.

[...] These aren't new apps or new products. They're the most used, most important apps Apple makes, the core apps that define the Apple platforms ecosystem, and Apple is using generative AI to make them better and more useful—without, in any way, rendering them unfamiliar.

John Gruber

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Listen to the AI-generated ripoff songs that got Udio and Suno sued. Jason Koebler reports on the lawsuit filed today by the RIAA against Udio and Suno, the two leading generative music startups.

The lawsuit includes examples of prompts that the record labels used to recreate famous songs that were almost certainly included in the (undisclosed) training data. Jason collected some of these together into a three minute video, and the result in pretty damning. Arguing "fair use" isn't going to be easy here.

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