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Weeknotes: datasette-test, datasette-build, PSF board retreat

21st January 2024

I wrote about Page caching and custom templates in my last weeknotes. This week I wrapped up that work, modifying datasette-edit-templates to be compatible with the jinja2_environment_from_request() plugin hook. This means you can edit templates directly in Datasette itself and have those served either for the full instance or just for the instance when served from a specific domain (the Datasette Cloud case).

Testing plugins with Playwright

As Datasette 1.0 draws closer, I’ve started thinking about plugin compatibility. This is heavily inspired by my work on Datasette Cloud, which has been running the latest Datasette alphas for several months.

I spotted that datasette-cluster-map wasn’t working correctly on Datasette Cloud, as it hadn’t been upgraded to account for JSON API changes in Datasette 1.0.

datasette-cluster-map 0.18 fixed that, while continuing to work with previous versions of Datasette. More importantly, it introduced Playwright tests to exercise the plugin in a real Chromium browser running in GitHub Actions.

I’ve been wanting to establish a good pattern for this for a while, since a lot of Datasette plugins include JavaScript behaviour that warrants browser automation testing.

Alex Garcia figured this out for datasette-comments—inspired by his code I wrote up a TIL on Writing Playwright tests for a Datasette Plugin which I’ve now also used in datasette-search-all.


datasette-test is a new library that provides testing utilities for Datasette plugins. So far it offers two:

from datasette_test import Datasette
import pytest

async def test_datasette():
    ds = Datasette(plugin_config={"my-plugin": {"config": "goes here"})

This datasette_test.Datasette class is a subclass of Datasette which helps write tests that work against both Datasette <1.0 and Datasette >=1.0a8 (releasing shortly). The way plugin configuration works is changing, and this plugin_config= parameter papers over that difference for plugin tests.

The other utility is a wait_until_responds("http://localhost:8001") function. Thes can be used to wait until a server has started, useful for testing with Playwright. I extracted this from Alex’s datasette-comments tests.


So far this is just the skeleton of a new tool. I plan for datasette-build to offer comprehensive support for converting a directory full of static data files—JSON, TSV, CSV and more—into a SQLite database, and eventually to other database backends as well.

So far it’s pretty minimal, but my goal is to use plugins to provide optional support for further formats, such as GeoJSON or Parquet or even .xlsx.

I really like using GitHub to keep smaller (less than 1GB) datasets under version control. My plan is for datasette-build to support that pattern, making it easy to load version-controlled data files into a SQLite database you can then query directly.

PSF board in-person meeting

I spent the last two days of this week at the annual Python Software Foundation in-person board meeting. It’s been fantastic catching up with the other board members over more than just a Zoom connection, and we had a very thorough two days figuring out strategy for the next year and beyond.

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