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Friday, 27th January 2023

graphql-voyager. Neat tool for producing an interactive graph visualization of any GraphQL API. Click “Change schema” and then “Introspection” and it will give you a GraphQL query you can run against your own API—copy and paste back the JSON results and the visualizer will show you how your API fits together. I tested this against a datasette-graphql instance and it worked exactly as described. # 11:58 pm

babelmark3 (via) I found this tool today while investigating an bug in Datasette’s datasette-render-markdown plugin: it lets you run a fragment of Markdown through dozens of different Markdown libraries across multiple different languages and compare the results. Under the hood it works with a registry of API URL endpoints for different implementations, most of which are encrypted in the configuration file on GitHub because they are only intended to be used by this comparison tool. # 11:34 pm

Exploring MusicCaps, the evaluation data released to accompany Google’s MusicLM text-to-music model

Google Research just released MusicLM: Generating Music From Text. It’s a new generative AI model that takes a descriptive prompt and produces a “high-fidelity” music track. Here’s the paper (and a more readable version using arXiv Vanity).

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