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Sunday, 19th February 2023

Microsoft declined further comment about Bing’s behavior Thursday, but Bing itself agreed to comment — saying “it’s unfair and inaccurate to portray me as an insulting chatbot” and asking that the AP not “cherry-pick the negative examples or sensationalize the issues.”

Matt O'Brien, Associated Press # 9:25 pm

How ChatGPT Kicked Off an A.I. Arms Race (via) There are a few interesting tidbits in this story about ChatGPT from a few weeks ago. ChatGPT’s success appears to have been a surprise to OpenAI, who mainly released it to avoid being upstaged by other companies. Also interesting is this: “But two months after its debut, ChatGPT has more than 30 million users and gets roughly five million visits a day, two people with knowledge of the figures said.”—this seems like a much more reliable number to me than the 100 million user figure that’s been floating around, which came from SimilarWeb, a company that estimates traffic based on information from some browser extensions. # 8:31 pm

I talked about Bing and tried to explain language models on live TV!

Yesterday evening I was interviewed by Natasha Zouves on NewsNation, on live TV (over Zoom).

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TabFS (via) “TabFS is a browser extension that mounts your browser tabs as a filesystem on your computer.” What a fascinating idea! Each browser tab gets a virtual directory (via FUSE) with “files” representing the tab title, contents and any resources that have been loaded by that page. You can edit files in those folders to live-update the content that’s loaded in your browser! # 4:08 pm

I’ve been thinking how Sydney can be so different from ChatGPT. Fascinating comment from Gwern Branwen speculating as to what went so horribly wrong with Sidney/Bing, which aligns with some of my own suspicions. Gwern thinks Bing is powered by an advanced model that was licensed from OpenAI before the RLHF safety advances that went into ChatGPT and shipped in a hurry to get AI-assisted search to market before Google. “What if Sydney wasn’t trained on OA RLHF at all, because OA wouldn’t share the crown jewels of years of user feedback and its very expensive hired freelance programmers & whatnot generating data to train on?” # 3:48 pm

Docker can copy in files directly from another image. I did not know you could do this in a Dockerfile:

COPY --from=lubien/tired-proxy:2 /tired-proxy /tired-proxy # 5:35 am

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